Saturday, April 2, 2011

Learning Solutions 2011 - Recap

Every year Learning Solutions attracts the best in the training industry and this years LS 2011 conference and expo at the Hilton Orlando was no different. Much bigger than last years. Wherever you look sessions going on, people wanting to learn and engage in different aspects of e-learning.

Most of the sessions were great. Keynotes was outstanding. John Medina who took us on a tour of our brains, Nancy Duarte on visual stories that engage audiences and Michael Wesch about new learning environments - I salute you for your breadth of knowledge. My other favorite’s sessions include Patti Shank's Scope Creep, Chris Sawwa's session on courseware, simulation & games and Brandon Carson and Enzo Silvas Potential of augmented reality in learning.

LS 2011 had some very interesting vendors. Lots of great and promising tools. One of my favorites was OpenSesame, they were giving away hoodies. Great marketing. Each one came with a key and during second day social drinks session the people who were in thier hoodies could try thier keys on a boxed gift and if they can unlock the gift box, an iPad was up for grab. Sadly i didn't win :(.

The vendor that stands apart is Zenler. I was stunned with the power and simplicity of this brand new platform. They already have a version out, but the new version that’s coming up and its beta being demo'ed there is what am talking about. Zenler is a game changer and blows the socks off any other authoring tool in the market. Move on legacy authoring tools. It turns the tables, and it has everything i wanted as an instructional designer and now they are introducing for the first time a new concept in fully game based learning as a new feature - took my breath away. Its e-Learning but not as we know it. It’s refreshing to see someone look at eLearning for another perspective. Watch out for this, sure to scale greater glories. Zenler disrupts the eLearning market with its innovative tools.

I liked the CodeBaby stand for their use of avatars in e-Learning. Articulate was giving a sneak preview of a new product StoryLine with support for iOS. Looked promising. DominKnow and BreakThrough Performance had some nice stands.

Greatest thing I found was that I was able to catch up with lot of people who I communicate on social networks. Altogether this was an unforgettable experience. The camraderie among delegates was great and sadly we had to leave pledging to meet up at the next conference.